jProfessionals is a local Bulgarian one day conference with mostly, but not only, Bulgarian speakers. You will have a full day of different Java related topics .
The conference will be fully community driven, its sponsors will be basically every Bulgarian Java User Group. This will not be an annual conference, instead we plan to make mini conference like that every 3-4 months!
So if you want to give it a try as a speaker or if you want to propose a nice topic, but you are not sure about the interest and scared from the big stage like jPrime, then this conference is for you!
The talks slots depend on you! You can speak the regular 45 minutes or you can speak 1 hour and 15 minutes if you like. Just let us know how much time you need (between 0:45h and 1:30h). You can submit your talk at BG JUG CFP page . Just add in the description the talk duration with the description and specify that this is for jProfessionals and not for the regular monthly JUG seminars.
Lets make a bigger and better Java community, lets meet, lets talk, lets discuss!

You can think about jProffesionals as a mini, but free jPrime, which is mostly in Bulgarian presented by people you probably know, people from our community.

The editions we had so far: