jProfessionals Plovdiv 2024

JProfessionals Plovdiv is back again in 2024.

The conference will be on April 6th 2024 and the registration starts at 9:00AM.

The event will be held in Kino Arena MALL Markovo Tepe, Plovdiv.

09:00-10:00 Registration & coffee
10:00-10:15 Opening
10:15-11:00 Building blockchain infrastructure with Java – Ivan Kavaldzhiev
11:00-11:15 Break
11:15-12:05 What the CRaC – Superfast JVM startup – Gerrit Grunwald
12:05-13:10 Lunch break
13:10-13:55 REST is easy, But Remember: Security is the Key – Nikolay Kasapov
13:55-14:05 Break
14:05-14:55 Faster, greener, and happier – why Quarkus should be your next tech stack – Holly Cummins
14:55-15:35 Coffee Break
15:35-16:20 Dart & Flutter for Java Developers – Nayden Gochev
16:20-16:30 Break
16:30-17:15 FinOps Framework: Bringing Accountability to Cloud Spend – Stefan Angelov
17:15-17:30 Raffle
18:00-22:00 JavaBeer @ Cat & Mouse

Our Guest Speakers for this year are:
Gerrit Grunwald and Holly Cummins
Gerrit Grunwald Holly Cummins
Gerrit Grunwald is a software engineer that loves coding for around 40 years already. He is a true believer in open source and has participated in popular projects like as well as his own projects (TilesFX, Medusa, Enzo, SteelSeries Swing, SteelSeries Canvas, JDKMon).
Gerrit blogs regularly at, he is an active member of the Java community, where he founded and leads the Java User Group Münster (Germany), he is a JavaOne rockstar and a Java Champion. He is a speaker at conferences and user groups internationally and writes for several magazines.
Holly Cummins is a Senior Principal Software Engineer on the Red Hat Quarkus team and a Java Champion. Over her career, Holly has been a full-stack javascript developer, a build architect, a client-facing consultant, a JVM performance engineer, and an innovation leader. Holly has led projects to understand climate risks, count fish, help a blind athlete run ultra-marathons in the desert solo, and invent stories (although not at all the same time). She gets worked up about sustainability, technical empathy, extreme programming, the importance of proper testing, and automating all the things. You can find her at, or follow her on socials at @holly_cummins(

The event is sponsored by:

See you all in ancient and beautiful Plovdiv!