Testing Java EE Applications Using Arquillian

Title: Testing Java EE Applications Using Arquillian

Abstract: Automated testing has been growing in popularity with the advent of the agile practices in the last few years. People tend to write more unit tests and some teams have even adopted the Test driven development (TDD) approach. However, when it comes to Java EE, newcomers and even some seasoned developers get discouraged by the fact that the productive code lives in containers. Excessive mocking of the runtime environment sometimes helps, but is it the ultimate solution? Does it really test correctly the web application’s behavior?

This session outlines how to effectively test Java EE APIs like JSF, Servlet, CDI, EJB 3, JPA, WebSocket and JAX-RS via features that enhance testability like generic dependency injection, CDI @Alternative, portable extensions, embedded containers and JSF project stages. Using these features and best of breed tools like JUnit and Arquillian it is possible to perform unit, integration, system and functional testing for Java EE APIs at all layers of the application.

When: 25th January 2017, 19:00

Where: Sofia University, FMI, Hall 325

Speaker: Ivan St. Ivanov