Scala- one step ahead

When: 15th April
Where: Skrill office, 38 Cherkovna Str.
Title: “Scala- one step ahead”
Abstract: Did you know that the current javac compiler is written by the creator of the Scala language? Since then there’s a strong influence on Java by Scala in areas you might not know about. From lambda expressions and default methods, through streams and parallel processing, to type inference and new types like Optional, Scala has been a leader in exploring new features and influenced the Java language design. Not only that, but it has started from a clean slate and implemented most of these new concepts in a more expressive and elegant way since there was no concern of backward compatibility like Java has. This influence is why transitioning from Java 8 to Scala is not very difficult. Even if you never use Scala in production, learning it will show you a glimpse of the future of Java- and, I believe, trends in programming languages in general.

Speaker: Vassil Dichev