Massive Deployments on Amazon AWS using JVM

Growth in infrastructure demands automation. In the past few years, there emerged diverse tools and frameworks such as Chef, Puppet, OpsWorks, docker. In 2010, SDL Fredhopper decided to develop a JVM-centric solution to help us automate the operation of our Amazon AWS environments. The solution is based on JVM and Java with the following elements:

– Process management via Java Process API and JNA
– Monitoring operation via JMX integration
– Hardware abstraction via HTTP
– Coordination and synchronization via HTTP

We now operate a few thousand servers on our environments with a small operation team. In this talk, we present how we have built the elements of this architecture on Java and JVM.


When: 20th of January, 2016, 19:00
Where: Sofia University, FMI, Hall 325


About the speaker:
Behrooz Nobakht is a senior software engineer and leading the cloud services platform team at SDL Fredhopper. He specializes in concurrency, distributed computing and orchestration of highly- available cloud services. He is based in Amsterdam.