Ktor from Ground Up

Ktor is an asynchronous web framework built using Kotlin and coroutines. It enables developers to create both server and client applications. In this session, we will focus primarily on Ktor for backend development. 
In this session, we start from the basics by exploring the Ktor framework and learn how to build a web application using obligatory functions: handling HTTP requests, working with WebSockets, database access, authentication/authorization,  etc. We will also explore the plugin API and learn how to extend the framework for your needs. if time permits, we’ll add Arrow.kt into the mix and see how it makes the code even more elegant.
Where: Scalefocus Rest Area, Infinity Tower B 69 Bulgaria blvd. (near Bulgaria Mall)
When: 18 October, 19:00 EET
Who: Anton Arhipov
Anton is a Developer Advocate in the Kotlin team at JetBrains. His professional interests include programming languages and developer tooling. Java Champion since 2014. Anton is also a co-organizer of DevClub.eu, a local developers community in Tallinn, Estonia.