Algorithms and Data Structures. Searching and Sorting in Java

When: 10th December 2015, 19:00

Where: FMI, hall 325

Title: Algorithms and Data Structures. Searching and Sorting in Java


Algorithms and data structures are central part of any kind of computation or computer program. Understanding algorithms allows you to make smarter decisions about what code to write. Learning data structures makes your code more efficient.
In this session you will learn how to estimate the complexity of your algorithm. You will also see how you can approach complex problems and find elegant solutions using different techniques. Then I will show you the common searching and sorting algorithms. And last but not least we will explore how the mostly used data structures in Java are implemented.

Speaker: Petar Petrov
Petar Petrov is software developer at SAP Labs Bulgaria. He has 9 years of experience using Java/Java EE technology stack. He is coach of the 4-time Bulgarian First Lego League Champion – KASAPIN40.