VJUG 24 is a whole day event organized by the Virtual Java User Group. From 10 am on 27th September to 10 am on the next day 24 distinguished world speakers will present a session on a cool technology that will be live streamed in vJUG’s channel.

While you can watch the streaming at home or at work, Bulgarian JUG together with Ocado Technology and Questers give you the opportunity to watch it and at the same time discuss, network and have fun with other geeks almost the whole day long. You are all welcome from 9:30 am to QClub/QBalkon on the fifth floor of the new company office at 17 Henkrik Ibsen Street (next to Paradise mall). You can come at any time after that. The venue will be open for us until 10 pm and at that time besides the quality content delivered by the VJUG there will be plenty of free beer and pizza from our hosts.

More information about the agenda and the venue can be found on this page:


You have to register in order to come. So don’t forget to click on the Registration link.