Apache TomEE, JavaEE Web Profile and More on Tomcat

When: 18.03.2015
Where: Open Source Lab, Software University, 15-17 Tintyava str., Sofia
Title: “Apache TomEE, JavaEE Web Profile and More on Tomcat”
Abstract: Apache TomEE is the Java EE Web Profile certified version of Apache Tomcat and combines the simplicity of Tomcat with the power of Java EE. The first half of this session introduces TomEE and shows how Tomcat applications leveraging Java EE technologies can become simpler and lighter with a Java EE certified solution built right on Tomcat.
The second half jumps right into action and gives a coding tour of TomEE, including quickly bootstrapping projects, doing proper testing with Arquillian, and setting up environments. If you’re a Tomcat lover or a TomEE enthusiast, this is the session you don’t want to miss!

Speaker: David Blevins