Machine Learning for the Busy Developer

Random Forest, Cross Validation, Clustering, … a whole new vocabulary for a developer, who is already busy!
When you have a closer look, Machine Learning is very simple: you prepare the data, you assemble the datasets, and you model the algorithms. It’s mostly experimentation.


Come and discover how a machine predicts the future!


Through examples and live-coding, we will see:
* how to build our datasets?
* how to choose the right algorithm?
* how to evaluate the performance of a predictive model?


Now, Machine Learning will be your best friend!


Speaker Bio
Fabien is the CTO of Zelros (a french company based in Paris). He is a data lover for 6 years. He is building the next step of Artificial Intelligence for Insurers, which helps employees from Sales to Claims Management. His favorite stack? AngularJS 2 / Node.js / Python / PostgreSQL / RabbitMQ / Docker. He is also an expert in data extraction (webscraping). He develops the open source proxy Scrapoxy ( a proxy dedicated to scrapers.