Let Java take care of your home

Update: Video from the event Video from the event https://softuni.bg/trainings/resources/video/5991/video-camera-let-java-take-care-of-your-home

When: 12th October 2015, 19:00

Where: Software University, Code Ground hall

Title: Let Java take care of your home


Do you want to get a RaspberryPi or you have one at home doing nothing? Do you know Java? Do you like JavaFX? Then how about to use all that and make something real, or prototype actual physical devices and use them to improve your home and office?

This talk will cover the basics of the hardware and software needed to make your own devices with RaspberryPi, Java, pi4j, electronic components and third party add-on devices.

Several examples will be covered, out of which: basic I/O, NFC, touchscreen and JavaFX interfaces, smart home devices and center, etc…

The attendees will have the opportunity to learn the basics behind the GPIO interfaces, how to communicate via I2C, SPI and UART, and how they can code on tiny connected programable devices like the ESP8266.

Speaker: Pance Cavkovski
Senior software engineer and technical coordinator @ Netcetera. JUG MK Leader.
Developer on daily basis in: Java, JavaScript, Flex/ActionScript and C#.
Codefu.mk algorithm coding competition administrator.
Hardware, electronics and IoT enthusiast. d3js fan.
Blogs every now and then at http://pance.mk/