Java 9 Sneak Peek

Title: Java 9 Sneak Peek

Abstract: Eager to learn about the new stuff in Java 9 ? The new release of the platform comes with a brand new module system that splits the monolith JDK into smaller self-contained modules and also provides a basic tool for Java developers to build their applications in a modular fashion. JDK 9 also brings a number of new goodies like a few language enhancements (such as variable handles), new Java shell (JShell), new process API, new HTTP2 client, reactive programming API and a number of others. In this session we will go through them using а custom built banking application server. In the first part we will see how to migrate the server to a Java 9 modular application and in the second part we will demonstrate the other new utilities in the platform by extending our application with new capabilities.

When: 7th September, 19:00

Where: Sofia University, FMI, Hall 326

Speaker: Martin Toshev