Introduction to Kotlin for Java developers

What: Introduction to Kotlin for Java developers

Kotlin has been around for quite a while now and with everything that JetBrains and Google are doing, it seems to be here to stay. As a java developer and kotlin enthusiast, I would like to share some of the cool things kotlin has to offer to the JVM world.

The talk will be on an introductory level, showcasing some of the language features from the standpoint of a Java developer.

When: October 29th 2019, 19:00

Where: REWE Digital offices @ Twins Center, 83 Nikola Gabrovski, Students town

Who: Viktor Penelski

By day – a Java engineer at
By night – a Kotlin enthusiast dreaming of a world free from null pointer exceptions.

Having spent most of his career working with Java, Viktor has always enjoyed the JVM ecosystem with projects ranging from microservices and libraries to enterprise monoliths and educational content. After bumping into Kotlin in 2017, he was immediately enthralled with the practicality of the language and has been using it ever since.


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