Development of the JUG.BG website 3.0 workshop (part 2)

After the first part of our workshop ( ) its now time for the second part, which will be mostly UI/frontend related.

When: 1th July, 19:00
Where: Hack Bulgaria (Sofia, Resen Str.)
Lector: Trayan Iliev – Founder of IPT – Intellectual Products & Technologies (

The plan:
1) What is Angular + TypeScript
2) What is TypeScript
3) Angular practice Routing, Views, Components + How to create simple SPA
4) Integration with backend

We wil use angular cli for everything.

Everyone is welcome to join the fun with us and participate in the development of the frontend of our JUG.BG 3.0 website which will be build on top of Angular + Java EE backend.

Laptop with Java 8 installed
TomEE application server: (pick the Web Profile version)
MySQL Server from
Java EE enabled IDE ( for example)
Maven 3 (
Git client and GitHub account