A sane approach to interacting with an RDBMS in Java

Title: A sane approach to interacting with an RDBMS in Java


In this talk we are going to present a principled, robust and performant approach to interacting with RDBMS in the Java programming language, implemented via the sane-dbc micro-library. We approach the problem via plain old SQL, while utilizing the DB Monad to keep our programs sane (i.e. referentially transparent and boilerplate-free) and easy to reason about.

Besides basic usage patterns, we are going to touch on topics such as

  • Composition
  • Threading
  • Production-grade connection management
  • Multithreaded correctness through immutability

The talk presumes no prerequisites besides intermediate command of Java, and basic knowledge of SQL.

When: 26th September, 19:00

Where: Sofia University, FMI, Hall 325

Speaker: Dimitar Georgiev

Dimitar Georgiev is a software engineer with a decade of experience programming on the JVM platform. He is specialized in Java, Scala, Functional Programming, HTTP, system integration, performance measurements and optimizations, and quality assurance through automating and testing all the things.

Dimitar is an author of the sane-dbc library and the soon-to-be opensourced cletty HTTP/2 server.

Since 2013 he is employed at Novarto Ltd., where he works as a software architect, focusing on E-Commerce systems and custom applications.