Moving away from Blogger/Blogspot for blogging

Hello everyone,
in the recent years I didn’t had time to actually blog and the reason was not only the lack of time.
The real reason was that personal blogs are no longer this viable as ones were. In the current time most people read medium or ghost or very development aligned websites to get their content.

In the past years when this blog was created was actually a blog aggregator, where you put your blog and people can vote for it, in a way similar to reddit. It was AWESOME had a front and back page and the blog links having a lot of votes sometimes made it to the front page. There was RSS for both pages and it was so so awesome. Javalobby was forum back then.
Now all is over.. dzone is completely different, javalobby doesn’t exist and to have a personal blog and just rely only on your twitter or reddit presence is just too much work for a developer.

Also there is something else – blogger(blogspot) is basically very hard to use, it is hard to format code, it does not support markdown, it is some outdated not competing wordpress anymore google product that I believe soon will be canceled….and writing a blog post for development on it is PAIN !!!  ( is pain too btw)

So because of the reasons above I am archiving my blog.

I might post sometimes to which I believe is the best medium alternative for developers blogging right now, it is basically twitter, reddit a like and you can follow me  here .

Btw basically is like twitter/reddit where a post is a blog post and it supports markdown.
Anyway my twitter is and you can keep in touch with me there as well.

Last but not least I am trying to get out of the google ecosystem as more as possible and blogpost is a a start, next steps migrate to Brave browser, Startpage etc.

So long and thanks for all the fish !

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