[LINUX] How to find a specific String in file content with specific file name in specific folder


This is really the dumbest thing ever in linux, there are many many dumb things but this is the dumbest. Ultra trivial task you want to “find a specific string in a file content of specific file type starting from root folder” this is the easiest thing ever, it was not available in Windows XP/98 and because of that I was keeping one JBuilder which can search normally in any java file containing XXX in starting from this folder. But in Windows Vista / 7 this is done EASY just press F3! In Linux on the other hand it is a NIGHTMARE I was having a trivial task which takes… 10 seconds to search for a properties file which contains a default.session.timeout=600 which is a row in this file and this took me more then 30 mins because there are TONS of posts how this is done but none have worked there ware examples using grep, egrep whatever NOTHING is working total CRAP really. So in short I found it somewhere and I want to post it in order to have another POST in google which gives the answers.

So In short:

How to search for a file content in linux in specific file names starting from specific root folder.

find . -name "*.properties" -print | xargs grep default.session.timeout=600

Which will give you all properties files which contains default.session.timeout=600 it doesn’t have to be the match the whole row you can search for just default.session which will give you all files which contains default.session. This command is typed in the folder that you want to start the search from for example /opt/hybris/